Happy Holi Messages 2024 | Holi Messages in Hindi & English for family & friends

Holi Messages: Bollywood songs are full of Holi songs and lavish parties on the Holiday. Holi is one of the pious festivals for the Hindus. This carnival is also known as the Indian, ‘festival of spring’, ‘the festival of colours’, or the festival of love’, In the poem of Chaucer’s, Canterbury tales, he has also admired the summer and here, this festival of Hindu also admires the arrival of spring and the end of winter. Holi festival brings so much along with itself, the blossoming of the love and hopes for the new change.

Well, the day is not just about playing with colours more about sharing colours with them and adding something good into their lives too. Holi is a two-day festival where one day is dedicated to Holi Dhanika and the other day is to colour day. Holi dhania is a goddess in the Hindu mythology that represents the burning of whole evilness.


Happy Holi Messages

Messages are full of messages itself and they have always something to tell. It is not an ordinary carnival; in fact, the festival brings good vibes along with itself. There is so much to do on this day besides sending Holi messages. Holi messages are part of a ritual where people wish each other good and good future just like the eve. People wish each other on Holi because it brings them happiness, prosperity, good health and success and obviously joy. There is a power in each word which people receive into the form of blessings and love.

Holi Messages

Holi Messages

I’m feeling lonely without you. I wish I could celebrate this Holi with you. Happy Holi and enjoy yourself!
Miss U.

Happy Holi !! Enjoy every colour of Holi and u will get every happiness u desire. Hey, God is always with u. Enjoy every moment. Keep smiling.

Dear All,
I wish a very Happy Holi to my parents, my boy, uncle, auntie, my near and dear friends, and all my students. Days end, but memories will be there in everybody’s mind.

Even though I am far away from you, out of India, I can feel the colours of Holi celebrations. I wish you all a colourful Holi. I wish the Holi Festival paint your life with colours of happiness.
With love

Make sure not to send a single message on Holi to everyone on the contact list.

Happy Holi Messages

Besides, burning and dancing around the pyre, there is another day festival. And next day people play with colours and enjoys a good time by partying, eating and enjoying with friends and family, it is a different colour of India which would just take you in the world of colours and make you realise, the beauty of colours and what you were missing until.

Happy Holi Messages

Happy Holi Messages

May all the joys of life become shades of red, green, purple & blue wishing you and your family.

I wish that this year Holi brings every moment with happiness. May God bless you and your family. I wish you a very happy Holi.

This festival of Holi is a way to express your love using beautiful colours. So make this Holi the most memorable for all your near and dear ones, Happy Holi!

If I could I would send you a rainbow because it has all the colours to fill your heart with joy and happiness. Happy Holi!

Enjoy the festival of Holi with lots of fun. Dance and sing along with your hearts out and make countless memories. Sending you Holi greetings.

Holi Messages in Hindi

So the day is full of excitement, and there are also things full of opportunities. You can go and fill up the bucket of water and colors. Holi is one of so beautiful fest where people on the day of Holika Dahan burn all their evilness and move ahead. The Holika Dahan is a symbol of the triumph of good over bad and it is also a lesson for the people. The ritual of dancing and singing around the pyre is all a peaceful moment because you let go of things that were killing you from the inside.

Holi Messages

Holi Messages

आज मुबारक, कल मुबारक,
होली का हर पल मुबारक,
रंग बिरंगी होली में,
होली का हर रंग मुबारक.

रंगो की वर्षा , गुलाल की फुहार
सूरज की किरणे , खुशियों की बौछार
चन्दन की खुशबु , अपनों का प्यार
मुबारक हो आपको होली का त्यौहार।

खुशियाँ कभी न हो कम, बिखरे होली के ऐसे रंग. सदा खुश रहें आप अपनों के संग. आपको होली की बहुत बहुत शुभकामनायें!

होली का त्यौहार आपके लिए शुभाशीष भरा हो आशा है ये खूब मस्ती, मज़े और प्यार से भरा हो।

Holi Messages in English

After deciding to wish everyone on the eve of Holi, you can go and collect all the messages from several websites. You do not need to send long messages, just writing simple and short words would do. So go ahead, Holi Eve also gives you the opportunity to strengthen the relationship which is already strong and those who need some care in their relationship. Holi eve is offering them a way to do, go ahead.

Splash in the colours of fun…
Enjoy the delicious treats…
may your life bloom with joy…
On this delightful occasion…
Happy Holi…

Holi K Es Tyohar Ko, Samjho Mere Pyar Ko,
Yeh Tyohar Hai Mere Sache Pyar Ka Izhaar
Rango Ke Tyohar Me Sabhi Rango Ki Ho Bharmar
Dher Saari Khushiyo Se Bhara Ho Aapka Sansar
Yahi Dua hai Bhagwan Se Hamari Har bar.

Aise manana Holi ka tyohar
Pichkari se barse sirf pyar.
Ye hai mauka apno se gale mitane ka
To gulal or rang lekar ho jao taiyar

Holi tyohar hai rango ka,
Apne man me basi rangin umango ka,
Yaro dosto aur parivar ke sango ka,
Rakhe sada barkarar pyaar mita ke mahol jango ka,
Wish you very very Happy Holi

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